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We are a fully independent, locally owned company that prides it’s self on delivering the best possible service for all of your heating and cooling needs.

Now into our 5th year and with a combined 20 years experience in the industry.

We are proud to bring you our website to help show what we are about and the services we offer. We are excited to continue to grow here in Bendigo and central Victoria, and to add to the fantastic loyal and regular customers we have made in the five years TempTech has been around.

We specialize in the following, offering both sales and servicing of all makes and models concerning: Evaporative Cooling, Gas Ducted Heating, Gas Log & Space Heaters, Wall Hung Split Systems, Ducted Split Systems and Hot Water Systems

Being fully independent and not tied to any one brand means we can recommend the best range of brands and types of units to suit your needs.

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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a great, affordable way to cool your whole home.

As far as running costs go you can’t beat evaporative cooling. They run off a normal 10amp power point and just have a cold water line connected to them. You can run them on just fan mode on those nice fresh mornings or afternoons or just to change the air in your house or cool mode using the water to wet the coolers pads which the air passes over, cooling it as it enters your home via insulated ducting to the ceiling outlets. Evaporative Coolers are cheap to run, easy to maintain and service.

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas ducted heating is fantastic on those cold winter days.

With the right set up and system to suit your home and needs you can be warm and comfortable right through your house. Gas ducted heating is the most affordable way to heat your house. The heater draws its air from inside your house via a return air outlet, heating it as it passes through it’s heat exchange and is then pushed out the room outlets by the heaters fan through a network of ducting. The systems can be installed either in your ceiling or if there is enough room, under your floor. The heaters can also be zoned to help you control where you are heating, which helps keep the running costs down. Ducted heaters are a great, efficient way to heat your home and are easy to maintain & service.


Evaporative Coolers – The serving of evaporative coolers is very important to ensure that they are running at their optimum level. This can make all the difference on those really HOT summer days. A service consists of a complete pull apart, soak & scrub down, filter flushing, pump cleaning, water distributing system clean. All parts & operations are checked and importantly the system is disinfected. You would be surprised how dirty evaporative coolers get, and as we always explain with evaporates it is very much “out of sight, out of mind”

Gas Heaters – The servicing of all types of gas heaters is very important to insure that they are running efficiently and ultimately, safely. Heaters that are getting old or dirty and not operating correctly can cost you more to run and have the chance to cause damage to the heater & it’s parts. They can cause fires and have the potential to leak CO (carbon monoxide) into your home, which can be deadly. A service consists of pulling the unit apart and cleaning all the serviceable parts e.g. fan, flame sensor, igniter, filters… check the heat exchange for damage or cracks, check the flue is sound and not leaking. All heaters have to work hard during the winter; so the cleaner they are the better they’ll run.

Ducted Units – All types of ducted units, evaporative coolers, ducted gas heaters, ducted split systems can have old poorly insulated ducting, damaged ducting, badly designed or installed ducting *see photos for some examples of this. This can make a huge difference to the performance of the system and the running costs. Also it can be annoying to have an unbalanced house with some rooms pumping out and others with barely any air coming out. These are all things that can be checked at a service and can be addressed which can make a huge difference to your system.

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